HashResearch helps domain such as Business Intelligence, Data Science, Education and Healthcare industries with perfect optimization. We are a team of researcher, we build products that rule the future

We have been actively building data analytic and visualization engine inhouse. They are capable of adapting into any organizational data stores and crunch data to bring better insights. Which can make life simple with handling big data.

In educational domain we are having our inhouse product Algorithimic which capable of filtering training and filtering better candidates. They provide better programming experiences. Most of universities are using our product and we love to serve them.

Our Products

We have an array of higher end products


We strongly believe data is the next soil where opportunities are enormous. Every domain is generating a huge amount of data. One way to make sense of it other than storing it is to make data driven approach and helps organizations to take better decision with a proof in hand. Every cloud based systems cannot handle large data easily. So we have designed LitmusBi to stay in your operating environment.


We strongly believe that programming is going to fit in almost every domain. A better programmer is a better problem solver. Who can think hypothetically and take decisions based on sitation. So we took our effort to build the first programmer network with inbuild codechecker to judge your programming skill. Algorithimic is a online developer community for practicing Algorithms, Data Structures, Functional Programming, Machine Learning , Artificial intelligence programming challenges


Praanah is going to be the next best search engine which helps to find the best healthcare providers. Coming soon.